Gate Automation in Malmesbury

We have a huge amount of experience with gate automation in Malmesbury having been established in 1984.  Our automated gates have great advantages over manual gates. An automatic gate eliminates the difficulty that many people have with opening large and heavy manual gates. Its great not to have to get out of your car to open and close gates especially late at night or in bad weather. Just the press of a button on a remote control allows you easy access to your home driveway.

gate automation in MalmesburyVisitors can use an intercom at the electric gates to contact you before you open the gates remotely. A handset in the house allows you to push a button to open the gates. If preferred you can have a video entry system that allows you to see who is calling as well as speaking to them before opening the gates.

Electric Gates also give a significant improvement in home security as they make it extremely difficult for burglars or unwanted callers to open the gates and gain access to your home. It also makes it difficult to approach the house to “case the joint”

All automated gate installations comply with safety regulations with site-specific risk assessments being carried out where appropriate. Gates are equipped with safety devices to prevent gates closing on obstructions.

Have a look at our Gate Automation in Malmesbury page for more information.

Security Alarms in Malmesbury

Research shows, burglars said that they will avoid any premises with an intruder alarm, and choose the unprotected premises.  A burglar alarm system provides an excellent and effective way of both deterring the burglar from entering your property in the first place.  It is also an excellent deterrent by means of its sounders, both inside and outside alerting everyone in the vicinity to the activation. Upon activation the sounders continue for a maximum of 15 minutes to deter burglars from the premises.

At Compass we have a huge variety of security alarms in Malmesbury, but we can also provide many other ways of keeping your family and workplace safe.

CCTV and access control are both fantastic ways of keeping your property secure, providing superior levels of control over who has access to your building while monitoring the activities of suspicious individuals.

We can also supply fire alarms, security doors and safes, while we are also specialist locksmiths, so don’t hesitate to get in touch and arrange your brand new Compass Security system.

CCTV in Malmesbury

The monitoring of premises and people can be achieved using our high definition colour cameras which will record images 24 hours a day. Digital recorded images can be recalled at the touch of a button.

Development in CCTV technology has greatly increased in popularity and prices have dropped dramatically, making CCTV in Malmesbury a security solution for the homeowner as well as businesses both large and small.

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