Compass CCTV Systems – Security & Digital Video Recorders

Combined with other security measures, cameras and CCTV systems can be a formidable tool in the fight against crime with the CCTV monitoring of your business or home providing a visual aid to the security and safety of your property.

Professional Installation

The effectiveness of any CCTV security solution may be diminished unless the system has been professionally designed for the maximum performance of the cameras which should then be installed by trained engineers to provide the best view with a high quality of picture.

Digital Video Recording

All our CCTV systems are capable of saving the pictures to a high performance colour Digital Video Recording unit. These units generally have a selectable record duration and are all digitally signed to a legally identifiable level preventing tampering of images.

All CCTV images have the potential to be used as evidence at some point; particularly if your system is installed to assist with the prevention and detection of crime.

CCTV Camera Advantages

Closed circuit television (or CCTV) cameras are used to monitor areas that may need to be under surveillance in order to be protected against burglars or criminals, especially when no-one is present at a property. They can provide home security and peace of mind for you and your family. If your house or business has a particularly secluded entrance you may feel it necessary to have a camera surveying the area. Many burglaries are committed by opportunists when a house is vacant if the owners are away on holiday or just at work during the day.

cctv systemsCCTV systems are no longer considered an expensive, luxury item, only available to those who can afford them. They are reasonably priced and considered a good investment especially when you consider the increased level of security they provide. With CCTV cameras in operation you will feel safe and protected within your commercial or domestic property. CCTV cameras can be seen particularly in town centres, monitoring buildings such as shops, banks, and public places. In the UK in particular there are a great number of CCTV cameras in operation. In fact, we are said to have more than any other country in the world, per head of population.

CCTV has three basic components: a camera, a lens and a monitor. The cameras are linked up to one or more computer screens that can be watched by someone such as a security guard, depending on the resources available. The signal is not openly transmitted though. DVRs or recording devices used in CCTV systems are usually equipped with hard drives to store the recorded information and the length of such stored recordings is dependent on the capacity of the hard drives. CCTV footage is usually retained for a certain length of time but not forever.

CCTV cameras are now very sophisticated. They can be overt or hidden, and some styles are very discreet indeed. However, if they are visible they will act as a further deterrent to would-be intruders. One of the advantages of CCTV is that it can be used both inside and outside a building. This means that your possessions kept outside the house, such as cars and bikes, can also be protected. CCTV footage can be very useful as it can be used in court as evidence.

It is a good idea to hire skilled professionals from Compass to install the required CCTV system for you so you can be assured of total home security. They have the experience and expertise required to make you feel confident about the installation of your CCTV cameras. It is worth keeping in mind the possibility of vandals damaging the CCTV equipment so make sure the cameras are positioned well out of reach of criminals.

At Compass we can offer locksmith services as well as a full range of home security alarm systems including access control, security doors, alarms, safes and fire alarms.